Somatic Trauma Training

Touching the Heart
of the Nervous System

A nine month immersion into developing clinical skills to work effectively with nervous system dysregulation.

Are you working hard but unsure if you are making any difference with clients?

In order to support and facilitate change in our clients we firstly need to understand the state of their nervous system and how to switch it off, otherwise we end up working over and over on the same issues without any lasting change.

Once you gain a deeper awareness of both the nervous system and how to engage that and your clients in the treatment, you open the possibility for lasting change within them.

From that deep understanding we can educate, support and empower them to connect and become more deeply aware of their differing states, what they are saying and the choices or actions they can take.

Somatic Post Graduate Training Program

Join Glenn Polley on a nine-month somatic training program into understanding how the nervous system works and where that manifests in the body when it is dysregulated.
Be inspired to create a practice that has a clear focus and the skills to deliver change and empower your clients.

Often in workshops we are overloaded with new ideas and techniques meaning we often don’t fully grasp or retain what is offered.

On this program the learning is broken down into smaller chunks, spread out over a longer period of time to enable opportunities to reflect, question and share in between sessions. In addition, the teaching concept of ‘flipped learning’ will be employed, where all reading and handouts etc are shared before each workshop to digest and process the course information before attending the practical days. In that way the brain has already developed an idea of the concepts and is able to much more easily assimilate the information presented on the days.

The aim is to ensure you consolidate and embody the learning to more effectively and deeply transform your clinical practice.

Glenn is a gifted shiatsu practitioner and a natural teacher. His class content is drawn from years of experience, teaching techniques that you can take away and use immediately on your clients. The fun, practical nature of his classes inspires learning!
Chris Joynes
Shiatsu Therapist

What does the training involve?

What will you get from the program?

Workshop Information

Below are the dates and times, along with a synopsis of each workshop and a structure of each of the practical days.

Setting the Foundation Creating a Safe Container’

No shift is possible unless your clients feel safe, so we will firstly explore creating a safe container and a client-practitioner relationship that supports change within a healthy and mutual relationship. We will then look at how we take that into how we touch, treat and move whilst maintaining that safe connection.

  • Client-Practitioner relationship
  • Exploring safe touch
  • Neuro-fascial release
  • Moving with connection and safety
  • ‘Safe’ Stretching

Fascia and Organs – ‘Dancing with the insides’

The fascia records and stores all of our emotional experiences in life; it is the medium that research suggests all the meridians run through. We will explore connecting with the fascial layer, when we might work on it, and some lovely techniques to create a safe space for your clients to release stored or held emotional tension.

  • How to connect to the Fascial layer
  • General release techniques
  • Working the Organs
  • Working the Joints

Neck work – ‘Deep unwinding’

Key muscles in the neck and face relate to our ‘social engagement’; the part of the nervous system that relates to safety. Because of its wide range of mobility often the neck is a place that is held very tight and our clients are acutely aware of. Learn non-invasive yet effective techniques to create release through safety.

  • Loosening the shoulders
  • Freeing the clavicle
  • Facilitated Neck Stretches
  • Cranial head work

Deep Tonification – ‘Working the Source’

The Kidney and Bladder are the hormonal and nervous system regulators so we will look at ways we can effectively calm the nervous system through working with them along with the extraordinary channels. We will also look at key connection points on the vertebral column and how we can re-engage through opening the muscles of the hips.

  • Neuro-fascial release
  • Spinal rocking and adjustment
  • Chong Mai/Du Mai
  • Psoas Release
  • Prone Hip Stretches
  • Seitai Hip Releases

Facilitated Breath ‘Working from the inside out’

Breathing represents letting go of the old so we can take in the new; rebirth or regeneration and it is crucial in moving energies that are held or stuck. Stress creates a contraction of the ribcage as we ‘suck it up’ in an attempt to push through in life so by firstly establishing a safe space, we can then help facilitate a deeper connection to and an improvement in the breath.

  • Diaphragm release
  • Lung ‘pumping’ techniques
  • Opening the ribcage
  • Rib ‘rocking’
  • Abdominal release work

Review and Consolidate – ‘drawing together’

In the last workshop, it is an opportunity to present your case history with a structured q&a to facilitate deepening your understanding and learning. There will then be an opportunity to review the learnings and techniques to look at how we can structure treatment approaches.

Lastly we will have a celebration to mark the completion of the course

Meet your Facilitator

Glenn Polley

Glenn is a dedicated and committed shiatsu therapist studying and practicing both Qigong and Shiatsu since 1994. He has taught shiatsu, both at Diploma level and on Post-graduate workshops in Australia and New Zealand since 2006. He continues to run a busy clinic in Castlemaine and Taradale, Victoria.

He strongly believes that attunement through empathetic touch is fundamental in any therapeutic healing relationship; a core essence of the shiatsu he practices and teaches. He is passionate about shiatsu as a modality and believes it has a rapidly growing relevance in a world where people are over-stimulated and the subsequent rise in mental health problems as a consequence.

Having lived through serious illness himself and in his work with both high needs disability and complex trauma in his clinical practice, he has deeply understood how the state of ones nervous system is fundamental to ones overall state of being.

"Our own ‘healing’ and transformation lie within a safe space and touch with love and acceptance are a key to unlock that".

FAQ's or the finer details

All the workshops run from 9.30am-5.30pm on a Sunday.

All the webinars run from 7.00pm-8.00pm on a Monday evening. on the following dates:

  • Monday 24 March 2025
  • Monday 19 May 2025
  • Monday 14 July 2025
  • Monday 25 August 2025
  • tbc

 The studio has futons, bolsters and some cushions. If you could bring a pillow for prone work to compliment what is here.

Bring an offering for a shared lunch. There will be a seasonal vegetarian dish (dhal/stew/stir fry) and rice/grain provided. Please also bring a sealed water bottle or keep cup with a closing lid for inside the teaching studio.

Herbal teas are available at the Centre.

Anything else outside that which is important to you!

Ideally you would complete the program in one year, as this is how its been designed to maximise assimilation of the course information.

However you may have commitments or issues arise that mean you cannot attend one or more of the sessions, so it will be possible to do that/those workshops the following year when the program runs again.

You also may only want to do just one or a few of the workshops and not make a commitment to completing the whole program. If that is the case then please contact me to discuss your needs. Access to the support networks would for one-off workshops not be available to maintain the integrity of the process for those people undertaking the whole program.

The classes are held in the beautiful studio at the Tara Springs Retreat Centre in Taradale VIC which is an easy drive from Melbourne. The room is carpeted, warm and cosy to engender a deep sense of being safe and held and the studio is surrounded by the permaculture inspired grounds and gardens of Tara Springs.

Ample parking is available.

Tara Springs Retreat Centre is about 100km north-west of Melbourne CBD and 45km south-east of Bendigo. It is a 15min drive to both Castlemaine and Kyneton, and 25min to Hepburn / Daylesford.

By car from Melbourne: take the Calder Freeway (M79) towards Bendigo. Take the Malmsbury turnoff onto the Old Calder Highway (C794) to Taradale.

By car from Bendigo: take the Calder Freeway (M79) towards Melbourne. Take the Castlemaine turnoff onto the Pyrenees Highway (B180) towards Castlemaine before turning onto the Old Calder Highway (C794) to Taradale.

By train: Melbourne-Bendigo  line to Malmsbury, which is 7km from Taradale.

Pickup from the train station is possible by prior arrangement.

There are a number of options available at Tara Springs should you wish to stay a little longer to enjoy the area:

  • A Self Contained One-Bedroom Apartment
    • With a double bed, kitchen, bathroom and sitting area. It is $150 for the night.
  • A Rustic and Cosy Two-Person Shared Cabin
    • With a double bed on a mezzanine floor and a single bed underneath. This is available for $90 for the night. Composting toilets and a hot shower are in the adjacent camp bathroom.
  • Free Camping
    • For a more earthy experience, we offer free camping in the grounds of Tara Springs. You will need to provide all your own camping equipment and there is access to composting toilets and a hot shower in the camp bathroom.

Contact us on the form below if you would like to book any of these accommodation options at Tara Springs.

If you would like to stay off-site there are plenty of B&B’s in the local area. We recommend Miranda and Matt’s BnB in Taradale. Click here 

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Full Price
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payment plan
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Plus three further instalments of $257
If you have a valid Concession Card please enter the code conc-20 for an extra 20% discount on the listed prices.
Evidence will be required as per the instructions in the confirmation email.
Program Start date 3 March 2025

Get in Touch

If you have any questions or want to arrange a time to talk through with me your specific needs, please fill out the form below and I will get back to you.
"Tara Springs is beautiful. It is like walking into another world where nature thrives and is tended to with love"
Ragini Prasad

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We acknowledge the Dja Dja Wurrung people, the traditional custodians of the land on which we live and work, and pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging.


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Retreat Itinerary


17.00    Arrival and check in

17.30    Opening circle 

18.30    Dinner

19.30    Sound bath with Nina Hakamies 

21.00    Close 


09.00    Yoga practice

10.30    Naturopathy for all phases of menopause with Lisa Eastley

12.30    Lunch

14.00    Yin yoga

15.30    Afternoon tea and free time to rest, journal, and/or walk around Taradale 

18.00    Dinner

19.00    Cacao ceremony and fire ritual

21.00    Close


09.00    Yoga practice 

10.30    Ayurveda for menopause with Sara Vanis

12.30    Lunch 

14.00    Closing circle 

15.30    Close

*Please note, there may be small changes to this itinerary.